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Uusiokäyttöinen solumuovi

The ability to conserve and protect valuable resources as well as reduce CO2 emissions are important environmental concerns in the current day and age. The packaging material EPS makes contributions towards conserving the environment in various ways.

It just doesn´t get easier

EPS consists of 98 percent air. Two percent is the source material polystyrene. With that, EPS especially saves resources and still manages great feats.

Using less gas

The lighter a vehicle is, the less gasoline it will require. This is also applicable for the transport of products. In this manner, the super-light EPS packaging contributes towards a lower consumption of gas for the vehicles transporting it.

EPS saves power

A lot of energy is required for cooling and heating. The heater and the refrigerator are good examples of this.

As a result of the above-average isolative capability of EPS packaging, especially in the fi eld of foods and provisions, no additional energy is necessary. This saves energy, conserves resources and decreases the amount of CO2 emissions.